Proxy List Mix – Elite, Fast, Ping HTTP Proxies [09.06.13]

Mixed-Bag Proxy Lists
Tested: September 6, 2013 12:30pm (GMT-5:00)
17-second timeout, tested and compiled using Proxy Multiply

I’m slowly working on a new interface to share proxies. This will allow me to share more working proxies more often, but it’ll also cripple bots’ ability to grab full proxy lists. Human users will have two-click access to proxy lists, however. I’ll be posting an update sometime this month.

If you’re looking for cheap private proxies, check out I’ve been using a 10-proxy package for three months with Ultimate Demon and really like them so far. You can refresh proxies monthly (I have once, no need to do it again yet), and they’ve overall been fantastic for posting using SEO software.

In the meantime, enjoy the fresh proxy list!

652 Anonymous HTTP Proxies

17-second timeout. Level 1 and Level 2 anonymous.

250 Level 1, Elite Proxies

17-second timeout.

370 Fast HTTP Proxies

Roughly 60% Level 1, elite proxies and the other Level 2. 3-second timeout. Fastest proxies at the top of the list.

185 L1,L2 HTTP “Ping” Proxies

I use these in Ultimate Demon’s pinger tool, so they’re level1-level2 anonymous HTTP proxies. 12 second timeout.

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