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cPanel Backup Software – Multiple Websites

As internet marketers, our sites are our livelihood. Or, at least a part of our overall livelihood. If our sites go down due to hacking, some natural disaster or a web-hosting company folding up and closing its doors out of the blue… we’re in a bad spot. And, if we don’t have backups of our sites – we’re royally screwed. A word of advice: Never, ever rely on your hosting company’s backups. Make your own, and do it often!

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PHP: Hide HTTP Referrer for External Links

This is kind of a followup or an alternative to a previous post about changing your HTTP Referer value with a PHP script. While the previous script changed the referrer value to a specific page on your site, thus hiding the real referring URL, this script allows you to use a list of HTTP-referrer-hiding sites and randomly redirect your external-pointing links through them.

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