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cPanel Backup Software – Multiple Websites

As internet marketers, our sites are our livelihood. Or, at least a part of our overall livelihood. If our sites go down due to hacking, some natural disaster or a web-hosting company folding up and closing its doors out of the blue… we’re in a bad spot. And, if we don’t have backups of our sites – we’re royally screwed. A word of advice: Never, ever rely on your hosting company’s backups. Make your own, and do it often!

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Fixing the “No such file or directory” Error

So, even though I moved to Linux from Windows a couple of months ago, I’m now just starting to import some of my old scripts to use them for various things. This morning it was my Autosave Article Manager, which is just flipping awesome… In any case, I thought that I should be able to just take my scripts that I wrote on a Windows machine, change the path to Perl and plug them in in Linux… Not so much.

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Moving from Windows to Linux

Like most people in the world, I “grew up” using a Windows operating system. Not as a kid, but as I got online and started doing stuff – it was all Windows. Even after I started teaching myself to code: HTML, CSS, Perl, etc – it was on Windows on my local WAMPP server. My sites are all hosted on GNU/Linux, but my familiarity with the OS went about as far and deep as my permissions to delve into my sites’ home directories in a shared hosting environment: not very far.

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