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Secure Against Common WordPress Attacks

According to some recent statistics, WordPress powers over 26% of the web. It’s free to use and modify, extremely flexible and makes building a website fairly easy even for the non-web developers among us. The level of popularity that WordPress enjoys also makes it more prone to attacks. Attacks against the core, and certainly attacks against the ever-expanding library of plugins that bring functionality and flavor to the powerful blogging platform / content management system that so many of us rely on.

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Sublime Text: Stop Update Notification

When I switched from Windows to Linux, I lost my ability to use Dreamweaver for auto-completing my code. Which, it was a huge timesaver. Once I figured out a replacement for that, using Sublime Text 2 and a couple of tweaks, I thought I had things set…. until I started getting this annoying popup message, “A new version of Sublime Text is available, download now?”:

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